The idea behind Haneeh is that fashion should be beautifully shot and complemented with exclusive interviews, ground-breaking editorial features, and persuasive and opinionated journalism, all complemented by fashion. Haneeh provides essential information regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. We’ll show you the must-have fashion trends, guide you through your biggest beauty fears, and explain why you should buy that expensive item.

Haneeh was founded in February 2023 by Nabeel Ahmed with designer Ahmed and writer Bushra Akram, focusing on the ever-changing world of fashion, contemporary art, and beauty. Our worldwide popularity and excellent reputation speak volumes about our work. Haneeh’s boutique spotlights, exclusive editorials, magazine scans, fashion show reviews, trends, wardrobe advice, celebrity looks for less, and advice on how to break into the industry from the best in the business are among the reasons why readers visit the site.