Meet The Charming Character Of Rob Lowe:

Unstable Character Of Rob Lowe Review

In Unstable, the senior Rob Lowe plays Ellis Dragon, a superstar tech billionaire whose organization, Dragon, is the corporate forerunner in the sort of bold biotechnology which VCs love to guarantee will save the Earth. In response to the tragic accident in which he lost his wife, he exhibited even more erratic behavior than he had accustomed to in the office. When his eccentricity threatens to sink his transformative new invention, his son Jackson steps in to help get his father back on track. The company’s management, led by Anna (Sian Clifford), enlists Ellis’ son Jackson to work for them because they are concerned that Rob Lowe’s behavior could take the company toward danger. Ellis’ occupation and relationship with Jackson were influenced by John Owen’s real-life social media trolling of his father. Rob Lowe tells Tudum, “It’s not just a son making fun of a dad. We also realize that the father had to be a well-known figure and liked by everyone, which causes the son to be irritated when he sees the father acting like a fool. I wasn’t interested in acting. I didn’t want to pretend to be the president. However, you must portray an actual person in the world. That’s why a tech billionaire is the most current thing right now.”

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