The Trailer of “The Law According To Lidia Poet” Introduces Fans to a New Leading Lawyer

The Law According To Lidia Poet

The newest period drama on Netflix is The Law According to Lidia Poet. The drama will be set in the middle of the 19th century and follow the real-life story of Lidia Poet, Italy’s first female lawyer. The first season of the show will consist of six episodes. Matteo Rovere and Letizia Lamartire serve as the film’s directors.

The Law According to Lidia Poet, which has hints of a killing mystery and societal commentary in its trailer, will be a grade addition to Netflix’s 2023 catalog, which has been remarkable thus far. Matilda De Angelis plays Lidia Poet, and Pierluigi Pasino plays Enrico Poet in the show. Eduardo Scarpetta, Sara Lazzaro, and Dario Aita round out the cast.

About Lidia Poet

Poet was the youngest of four brothers and three sisters when he was born in Traverse, Italy, in 1855. She went to the College of Turin, where she accepted her regulation degree in June 1881, composing a proposition on ladies’ status in the public eye and ladies’ on the whole correct to cast a ballot. Until the end of her life, Poët was dynamic in the global ladies’ development, and in 1919, Italy decided that ladies were permitted to serve in specific positions of authority. As a result, Poet was appointed as the advocate in Turin in 1920, making her Italy’s first female lawyer. Poet was 65 years old at the time. 

Are the stories in the series based on actual events?

It assuredly is! It is very similar to a story about an Italian woman who, at the end of the 19th century in Turin, fought a legal battle to be allowed to practice Law after a court order forbidding her from doing so.

Poet solves a different case in each episode, making it more procedural. Lidia Poet author and historian Clara Bounous: This isn’t a history, it isn’t the real story of Lidia,” a contemporary lady tells Italy 24 Insight about the show. In addition, Bounous asserts that the show “makes known, at least, the name of Lidia Poet,” even though it “does not fully tell her story.”

Marilena Jahier Togliatto, a distant grand-niece of the lawyer and one of Poet’s only living relatives, told La Stampa that there are significant differences between Lidia’s life and the Netflix show, even though she only watched the first episode of The Law According To Lidia Poet. ” She never resided in a Turin villa. She lived in a historic house in the middle of Pinerolo, above the arcades, where she lived. Why was it necessary to alter history? She was at that point bold enough to remain consistent with the real world,” Togliatto said. Additionally, “Lidia’s brother was also unmarried, whereas a wife appears quite frequently in the series: They were a wealthy family who lived alone with their servants, and they both focused solely on their work.

Throughout her life, Lidia Poet was dedicated to feminist causes. She joined the Consiglio Nazionale delle Donne Italiane (the National Council of Italian Women) when it was first established in 1903 and worked for women’s suffrage. There are currently no full-length biographies of her in English; however, if you speak Italian well, you can read Chiara Viale’s Lidia e le altre. There are two opportunities today: Lidia Poet’s (Lydia and the others’) ancestry. The opportunities for all, from yesterday to today: the Lidia Poet legacy).

Poet died in 1949 at 94 age, had no children, and was never married. Netflix is streaming The Law According to Lidia Poet right now.

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